New energy without pollution and low price

Alain Elayi - English subtitles
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New Tools for Water Sustainability

What are water reuse and desalination problems?
Cost is today the main problem for providing desalination and allowing water reuse where it is necessary.
What is the solution?
Desalination and water reuse should not be addressed in terms of technology such as MED or RO, but in terms of local available resources combined with our new tools.
What do we propose?
In this frame, the solutions proposed by Newtech Desal and Water are determinant: our new tools solve the cost drawback, open the door for investors in this field and reduce the cost for governments and consequently for end users.
How can we do it?
We reduce drastically pumping, vacuum, and energy costs... and easily use available local resources.
With Newtech Desal and Water, you benefit today from tomorrow’s technologies.